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Dr. Phil Official Website

Dr. Phil Official Website

Dr. Phil McGraw has galvanized millions of people to get real about their own behavior and create more positive lives.
The show has been making headlines and breaking records since its September 2002 launch, when it garnered the highest ratings of any new syndicated show since the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Show 16 years prior.
Now in the fifth season of his namesake series, Dr. Phils success stems from his get real approach to helping his guests solve their problems, stripping through their emotional clutter, getting down to the bare bones of their issues and giving them the challenge they need to move ahead.
Dr. Phil champions those who suffer from such silent epidemics as domestic violence, child abuse, depression, racism, substance abuse and other health issues that are prevalent in society, but go largely undiscussed by their victims

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Link comments:
Comment by: mark harrington, 11-10-2013 : 19:18
watched show today woman complaining about husband taking pictures of her in tanning bed shower etc by listening to the two of them talk it seems like they are swingers and when you turn to that true love is out the door and it is hard to feel sorry for someone that has not only broke thier vows but has no dignity for there self are partner they crossed the line of no return its one thing to think of things to spruce up your sex life but to go through with it is another they should move on and hopefully learn from there mistakes and some day find true love and work for it ,and at it !!
Comment by: Myrtle Ann Meza, 12-10-2011 : 23:12
This is in regards to Tanya ( the young woman that was held captive for 10 yrs). You stated in your show that you would like your viewers to give an opion to influence the judge and any other party involved in that creeps parole process. Such criminals can never be rehabilitated. The potential for him to do it again to others, or attempt some form of retribution against Tonya is too great. He will always be a high risk. My Xhusband is a sex offender, serving a 28 years sentance for such crimes. Please do not release this monster into society so no one else has to suffer like Tanya did, or wose. Tanya should be commended for being so brave and strong. Thank you Dr. Phil.
Comment by: Barbara Gross, 19-09-2011 : 22:20
In reference to the Casey Anthony interview with her parents. My heart breaks for them as Grandparents.
Their daughter is either a sociopath or suffers from some other mental condition.The mother is in complete denial and the Father seems hurt and angry about the daughters accusations against him for molestationn and understandably so, and to have to deal with the pain on loosing his Granddaughter my heart hurts for him.
I believe he has a better grip on reality, than the Mother.
Comment by: Sandi Wickham, 07-09-2011 : 15:14
Yesterday (Tuesday), I finally watched a show where I heard NO comments before or during the presentation about being "the #1 talk show" or "the only one who listens." I've always watched Dr. Phil, but these current bragging points are a real turn-off to me -- and I'm sure many others as well. Please consider leaving this unnecessary "tooting one's own horn" out of the new season programs. I'm not sure my stomach can take much more!
Comment by: dianne, 16-08-2011 : 22:26
If you interview the Anthony's on your show , I promise you, I and many many others will not watch. Why in hell, would you want the anthony's to profit from a child's murder.What the hell is wrong with you? I am very very very disapponted in you. Please reconsider.
Comment by: hind almulaiki, 30-06-2011 : 00:50
hi dr.phil IWAS WATCHING YOUR SHOW TODAY AND ONE OF YOUR GUEST SAID MUSLIMS SOULD HAVE ASEPARTE LINE AT THE AIRPORT AND I THINK THATS NOT RIGHT.Why say all muslims are terriost for what one group did, i am a muslim american and i would like to say is that why are all muslims blamed for what a group of people did.I think that it is wrong to call every one a terroist .For example why are alot if people agianst building a mosiqe in manhatten,we want to practice our religion like every one else.sometimes i think people ust want to have something to take would a cristian comunity feel if they were not alowed to open a church because of what a group did or a jewish comunity.I THINK WERE TREATED WRONG.iI wish you can adrees this issue whit a point of view of muslims and others.thankyou dr.phil i love your show
Comment by: cris, 24-06-2011 : 00:13
Dr.Phil, My daughter is always critical to me. She tells me to shut up if I say something she doesn't like. She cusses about me (in front of my granddaughter) calls me B---ch, A-h-le, wh-re, and worse. Now my granddaughter thinks she can disrespect me also. I am so stressed. When I say anything,it's always my fault. I have done everything for our daughter. She has been married and divorced and now living for the last 4 yrs. with a good man. She doesn't do without anything. She calls and we pay for her money problems. I finally have had enough and said so. I said if you want to see me then you need to show some respect. Well,she says you, meaning me, don't deserve respect---that I need to earn it. I have done everything for this girl all her life, and tried to teach her some values, but I have failed miserably. I used to tell my husband, when we were raising our 2 children that he should tell her not to talk to me that way, but he always said I must have done something to make her mad. My son is not that way, just our daughter. She doesn't talk to her dad that way and I say it's because I always told her she needed to respect her dad. I wish he would do the same. Now she is telling her Dad that she will not come around and that I should accept my granddaughter just being a teenager with a mouth. Emotional Blackmail. What should I do?
Comment by: John Holladay, 04-05-2011 : 17:32
Hi doc Saw your show on mistresses I was Married for 32 years And now am a widower my problem is The married guys who cheated on thier wifes get girlfriends and here I am wanting to meet a possibly new wife and I can't find any, where does a guy go to find some, Is thier something wrong with me.And if so how can I find out!!!I am 69 years young, oun my own home,still fairly good looking,play golf,rides a canam motorcycle.have a little money in savings and don't like to live alone,I like married life okay doc what do you think,!
Comment by: Linda Clark, 05-02-2011 : 05:41
Dr. Phil,
I have followed your family since the beginning and I have to ask you what many of us are wondering about?
If I had a mother like Alexander's mother, I'd be on dope too!! Does that women EVER tell her kids that she is sincerely proud of them. Can she even be in the same room with Alex without being critical, hateful, and mentally abusive? I mean come on, why was she rewarded for her behavior?? I don't get it. Alexander is a young women seeking approval from a woman who gave her birth, but has made her feel like the low life of the world. If she had MY children, I wouldn't want to go see them either. She can't walk in the door without the be-rating begginning. I'm not condoning Alex's behavior, believe me, especially the drug problem, but of all the shows I have ever seen this one is the easiest one to figure out. This mother is unhappy with her husband, her children, and the entire life she has chosen for herself. Alex definitly needs help and I hope you can get through to her, but her mother is going to be her worse problem. I don't think that there is ever going to be anything these girls can do to please their mother. Alex. needs to get herself cleanned up, get her kids back and get as far away from dear old Mom as she can. She is seeking approval from a mother who is never going to give it, and turning to everything from men to drugs looking for some verification to her life. Of course she's doing the wrong thing. Her mother has never instilled self-worth into the girls. Where was this mother while Alex was getting pregnant at 15?? My daughter couldn't have had a date at that age. I would have stayed up all night, followered her to school, put bars on the windows, whatever it took but she would not have dated at that age. Certainly you can't agree with dating at 15. She obviously never taught them responsiblity either. Now she is given 3 more children to raise the same way?? I pray for these kids. They don't stand a chance with any of these people. The father looks and acts like he doesn't have a clue as to what is going on. He certainly doesn't have a chance. The mother is so dominating he probably couldn't open his mouth and have a say in raising this family. I can't even decide if he really cares. I say, get Alex into rehab, see if she will agree to have her tubes tied, help her learn responsiblity and get her children back, and understand that she needs to look ahead. She needs to learn to trust in herself and not worry so much about what her Mother thinks. Look in the mirror and realize that she is a worthy human being, and a beautiful one at that. Let her know that if she decides it's best to adopt these children out, no one is going to hate her for it. In fact, we will admire her for having the courage to see to it these wonderful children are in a LOVING home, where they are wanted and cared for. Then, move as far away as she can and live where she doesn 't feel she has to prove something constantly to someone who will never give her approval anyway.
Comment by: Cheryl, 01-02-2011 : 19:37
DR Phil I agree what you said about the size of the man that abused his wife that it doesnt take to much to beat up a smaller woman. I have been there myself and nomatter what you try to fix in the relationship it never never works.Finally after all the torment from physicall and emotional abuse you lose who you really are.IM not with him anymore and my children who are grow have nothing to do with me. Im in the prosses of getting a divorce and he has them involved in that. I AM NOT IN THE FAMILY HOME he lives in it and my son has been abuses to me allso and that made me leave.I FEEL hurt and betrayed by my kids that they just though me in the dirt not caring what happened to me. I DONT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS SITUATION. I feel dead inside I dont know what to do. Do you have a councelling line that I CAN GO TO that can help women like me and we caan just share our stories and help us move on in our lives. Ifthere is could you make it simple as im not great on the computer and I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO EMAIL. Help me please and other women to talk with your councelling so we may move on in our lives. I DONT WANT TO GO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE feeling rejected and lost. Please help battered women to start communicating on line make a page for open communication so we may get well. Help us to know we are not alone in our thoughts. I HAVE LOOK ON LINE for that type of councelling and found none. I FEEL that it would be safe to come out of myself and I WOULD NOT HAVE BE ASKED WHY DID YOU TAKE THE ABUSE. In the town I live in I WENT TO GET HELP BUT the abused women would not go to a group seccion because they didnt want ther information to leak out. The concellor I WENT TO ASK ME THAT QUESTION . She said to me Cheryl I have tryed to have group meetings with abused women but they will not come due to fear that It might get out. She tried 3 times and not 1 women showed. I NEED HELP DR PLIL make a web site where it is easy for us to get on together. Help us get health mentally emotional spiritally as we need your guidence to like who we are again. Just to leave is not the answer what happens after that .Im so scared from abuse I need a clear pathway and were its safe to open up. The computer is the best way as it safe and its a way battered women can communicate to each other and maybe DR PHIL YOU CAN LEAD US ALL OUT OF DESPAIR, CONFUSSION, ANGER,BITERNESS,LONELYNESS. DR PHIL YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO STOP THE ABUSE, well give us the tools to help each other, let it be free with no charge as we have paid a price dearly. We paid with our souls. We need your help to open up the lines of communication were we are not alone. I DONT WANT IT TO BE POOR ME I want councelling in it also so abuse can be a open conversation without judgement or guilt. HELP ME TO START MY LIFE AGAIN as I DONT KNOW HOW.
Comment by: Markeysha Bilal-Fields, 31-01-2011 : 18:15
Dr. Phil Can you please help save my life. I send you an e-mail on Wed 10/27/10 asking for you help. Unfortunately I never got a response. Dr. Phil please help me! I suffers from both RA and Obesity. I have two grown children and five grandchildren that I would love to be around a little longer with to continue to enjoy life with them. However, both RA and Obesity is a number one killer in the black community. Dr. Phil you can help me save my life because I have seen you help others. I watch you show five days a week twice a day and I know that you are a kind and considerate person. I need your help badly and I need your help right now, please Dr. phil reach out and help me get this weigh off of me. Last week I weighed in at 350.6 I have been trying to get this weigh off of me for the last eight years and I haven't been able to lose any weigh at all; even with an eight year membership at 24 hours fitness I didn't lose any weigh at all. This weigh is really seriously killing me. Please call me at (510) 689-8789 or e-mail me at ( to let me know if you'll be able to "help me save my life." Thanking you in advance - someone who wants to live. Markeysha
Comment by: marty zeigler, 12-01-2011 : 00:51
Dear Dr. Phil,

I am writing this letter so to invite you and robin to please come to our home in ohio.
Both of you would be treated with respect and love and served a home cooked meal, in return all I would ask is for is a little favor.

My husbands name is darrell and mine is marty we have watched your show from the beginning and we know that you and robin help out alot of folks, well Doc, we could use some help .
My husband and I never ask for help and we certainly have had our fair share of problems, but at least we could work and figure out on our own on what to do, but this time I can not come up with anything.

My husband can not read or write and he is 65 and retired so he is extremely limited to finding a job.
I myself was a nurse worked for a few years and couldnt understand why I was forgetting so much, loding my balance and being extrememly tired.
I found out that I have m.s., for years I have been fighting with diabeties and heart problems but the ms was the last blow.

After alot of thinking I decided to give up my license I knew that if I kept them I would go right back to work and perhaps hurt or even be responsible for someones death , that i REFUSED TO DO.

Darrell and I have been married for over 29 years and I could have never chose a better man, he is my mountain of strength and we will stand together thru what ever comes.

Ok this is where you and robin comes in.
If you would by chance come to our home for a visit and simply stand by or sit in our truck for a few mins. we could sell it just because you two was here, then we would be able to pay for our taxes on our property and pay a couple of bills.

Dr. Phil you probably think I an some sort of nut case but I am not, I am only worried about our bills and what is next for supper.
If you could please respond one way or another I would be forever grateful, please remember this is no joke, no scam nothing more than trying to get by, We need help please.

Marty zeigler
Comment by: sharon byers, 10-01-2011 : 14:48
my aniversery is 1/21/11. It will be 21years that I've been married. I never had a honeymoon. Ihave always been raising children. Ihave one stepdaughter30 two stepsons 27&26daughter28 twindautghters15 adoptedgrandson10adoptedgranddaughters9&6. helpall Iwant is a honeymoon. THANKS SHARON BYERS
Comment by: Wanda, 29-12-2010 : 23:21
Dr. Phil I saw your show today and understand how important this subject is and the importance of getting this subject out to the public. I was a verbal abused wife and soon started to turn violent. I got out after 15 years of abuse. We also had children who saw the abuse and had some and still have some damage from the abuse. I am now in school taking psychology and one day will be getting a degree in counseloring to open a safe house for abused women in my area. I thank you so much for doing this show I pray you will not make this your last show on abuse not only to women but also to men and children. May God bless you and continue to lead you in doing good shows like this one.
Comment by: Justine Goerlick, 27-10-2010 : 21:57
Todays show on domestic violence. I find your response to the woman with the no show husband to be as you say underwhelming. These womens' lives are seriously at risk, these men are crazy and need to be in jail !!!!!15,000 from you by the way is not enough . Why don't you open a DV shelter you have quite enough money. Stop being so wimpy in your comments to these men PLEASE tell it like it is ! What if it was your daughter who was a victim of this. I was at 16.
Comment by: Linda Johnson, 26-10-2010 : 18:22
I am disappointed that I haven't received a response to a note I sent you recently. Guess I was hoping for the impossible.
Comment by: Linda Johnson, 25-10-2010 : 01:33
I have a question. I went to another site and typed out a long version of my concerns, but for some reason I was allowed to submit it. My concerns are over my 43 year old daughter who has completely shut me out of her life. I haven't seen her for 5years now, and I also have three grown grandsons. The oldest has contacted me and wants a relationship and I do also, but don't want to do anything to cause a problem with my daughter. She may think I am interfering in her personal life. What should I do? Thank you for your input.
Comment by: Lynne, 03-09-2010 : 20:00
Dr Phil,
I wish you would do a show on sociopaths, and how to spot them. My daughter has lived with one for 8 years, and her life is in ruins. When does the pillow talk become the same old bull? When do the lies, broken promises, excuses and pity plays just become another part of the daily routine? How does a person become the co-dependent and willing victim of a sociopath? When does a person look at a partner who's on the fast track to fifty with no career, not even a job, and say enough is enough? When does a person begin to think about their own self worth? We can't tell our children who to love,
but to see them give their heart and everything else to a taker is truly sad.
Comment by: carol armstrong, 19-08-2010 : 21:07
Hi DR. Phil, I watch your show as much as I can because, you are very wise man and I assume a man that knows the lord because, of your speeches. One show, that I was able to watch was on Sex Offenders. You almost proceeded with a heated show. That topic can go along ways and for hours. That disease has expanded a great deal now a days. I have not experienced anything with a sex offender or knew the depth of it until the year 2006'. My husband is incarcerated with a charge of sex offender, (girl underage). I really had to know this law and the concuqueses that follow it. I believe the law and the terms when they get out need to be adjusted and I'm not just saying this because, of my husband but, maybe for many that don't really carry this disease. (Not everyone carries the disease of a sex offender but, maybe lust). My husband and I have been married for nine years and together for 12 years. We have six children and all of them are girls but, one. He comes from a mother with nine children and this disease does not carry in there family. Anyway, at the time of his arrest, we were separated with other diffuliculties. He was staying at his mom's house and I had the home but, we were trying to reconcile our marriage. Before he was arrested, the officials called him a month earlier and asked him to come down to the police department and so he did. And, they asked him, if it would be okay to swabbed his mouth and explained the charge and he was fine with that. So, a month later, they came and arrested him at his work. He sat in county jail for eight months before a decision was made. He could not believe what was going on. So his attorney came to him with decisions and the charges. He could take a plea aggreement or take it to trial. Well, he took the plea aggreement,(why) because, he knew he had sex with this girl, he wasn't denying it. He wanted to come home sooner. If it went to trial than he would get a longer sentence,(if convicted). But, he already knew he was convicted, he just didn't know previouse what her age was and the status of her life. So, does people really want to know the truth or they just wanted sugar coated or maybe just see of young lady in the court room. If he would have taken to court, he would give the truth and get longer time. And, the truth is my husband saw this young lady at several occassions in different places. Twice he saw her at a strip club performing on stage, He saw her in several other clubs. So he was assuming that she was over eighteen and how she was dressed and fully developed. He has also saw her many times in a park where he plays basketball games. Well, one night he was driving and she waved him down and they proceeded to a park. When he picked her up, she wanted to stop and proceed to buy some liquor. So they did. And, when they got to their destination, they both got out of the car . She started to flirt with him and it proceeded further. He did ask her before sex happen, (now you are over eighteen) and she shown him her ID. She did not say stop, he even used a condom, (that is actually how the officials got his DNA because, when he took it off he just through it). Than, they both proceeded back into the car and he gave her a ride home. A month later he's arrested. I asked him, why would she ever do a thing like this? And, he responded, all he could think of is, she thought this would go further with a relationship and he didn't want one and she got mad. Well. she has wreck your life and took away a father from six children now almost (4yrs). Plus, when he blessed to get out he will be forever called a sex offender and not Michael. As through this journey, I also found out facts at that time of the incendant, she was a run away and proceeded with other activities(ect). My husband was at wrong place, time and person. So, yes the sex offender list needs some adjustments and they should be classified differently. My husband will have to be classified as this the rest of this life and proceed with 2000 ft. away from schools and other things. So that means he can't even go to graduations or participate with school functionings. I don't believe that is fare because, he is not a repeated sex offender, this has never happen before. It is not only hurting him but, now his children. This is what our out raged teenagers are doing(some) and maybe it's happening to some other men. Maybe that's why the prisons are so full with sex offenders. When these type of situations come up, they really need to look at both sides and there life styles but, usually they don't with the one pushing he charge because, for one their underage and two they are the victim. But, the underage is okay to have a false ID and act like a grown up. Yes, I do believe their are people that have that motive of having sex with minors or hurting young children and I think it is sick and they are sick. Do they have the skills to become rehabilitated? (not on their own). But, their is a difference between having the disease and being lustful. My husband is coming home when he gets out and I am very comfortable with that. You just take the time one day and walk down the street of big cities or better yet watch those music videos with those young girls in them and see what they are wearing. (not my girls). I thank you for your time and keep up the good work.
Comment by: Rev, 13-08-2010 : 05:11
Greatings: Dr Phil and production Team. Great show mate and i say that on behalf of all Kiwi s and other Ethnic Cultures in New Zealand who enjoy watching your show.
Comment by: Laurie Hollenbeck, 05-06-2010 : 02:30
I have watched your shows about the great job Casa does it is clear you have never been to Illinois. Yes I am a mother whom was wrongfully accused with no help from my mother about my oldest child. Casa lied many times especially my sons case worker Chris. Wanting to finish my cps to do list was told by Chris herself that it was to late and I need not bother. Then she called my sister and waqnted to know if she could take in my other 3 children whom still live with me. And finale Chris went as far as lying to the court telling the judge I tried to take my own life and my husband was trying to sign over our other children. Now you tell me about how good of a jod these people are doing its one lie after another and you cant trust any of them there in for the buck not the family. Who do the wrongfully accused have to help us from the lies and deciet. They try to gain your trust only to hurt you and your child. You tell me when a child dies you have a place to grieve, when a child is taken from you where do youy go to heal yourself. You cant trust these people they dont care about you and reuniting you and your child its not what they want.
Comment by: pam wilson, 17-05-2010 : 22:37
The family with whom you are working are, in my estimation, making zero progress. Erin and her husband need to go on a vacation to the beach somewhere for at least two weeks. Let other grandmoms care for the kids. Let your daughters fend for themselves, completely. You are enabling, enabling, enabling. Do not provide your nice home for a nesting area; do not allow them to have any money; do not refuse to communicate but do so by phone. Let them face the realities of life. Get their own loans for school, find their own way to get rent, let them buy their own vehicles. They are trashing your life and your husband's life.
Comment by: J. Lynn Wiggins, 02-02-2010 : 01:55
From the beginning, I have felt that this family are really fakes..and that you can't believe what they present to the public. In fact, I feel like you are enabling them by continuing to work with them when they, obviously, will do whatever they want at any moment, but all of them are dishonest. Look at how many years have gone by and things just get worse with each of them and the decisions they make, which are very self destructive. Even the mom makes horrendous decisions and then tries to pretend that she's ok, in fact is very self-righteous about herself. It doesn't matter what you say...they are all B S ing you. You are wasting your time and, for some reason, don't seem to see this one realistically. They are all playing you.
Comment by: golddelux, 16-11-2009 : 21:40
this girl on your show makes me sick with her fake sniveling and fake act. she doesn't care about anyone but herself.. im surprised her fake crying and fallen promises are getting by your keen sense of smell, cause i smell a rat, and that's exactly what this girl is, "a rat" alexandra your a fraud and a phony, all u care about is men...
Comment by: pariksha, 12-10-2009 : 09:34
Hi doctor phil, I just want to say thank you for dedicating most of your life into trying to help other people better theirs. I have bought your book on life strategies and there are some really hard questions to deal with, some of them are so intense you'd prefer running away from them rather than getting down to answering them. Now I have relationship rescue and I'm half way through, these books aren't the ones you read and put away after some time. I haven't had much progress in my relationship its long distance but I have hope it will pan out well. The communication lines are still open and that makes a lot of difference. Lets see how well I interpret the knowledge and wisdom you set out in the book and if I can get my relationship back on track. Thanks alot for having an interest in people, in people who want to use this life to make it work for t hem in the best possible way. You are right when you say there is no hand book for life. You are an inspiration and I like the way you always take the no nonsense approach to getting people on track, on the right track.
Comment by: Kandace, 29-09-2009 : 16:48
We lost a grand daughter 4yrs ago in St Petersburg FL. when a school bus driver let her off the bus on the wrong side of the road. She was 8yrs. old and she had to cross 5 BUSY lanes of traffic. She made it through 4 lanes and the fifth lane she was hit and died from sever head injuries, also there was a 16 year old girl that also died because of the same reason. Now I find out that the school buses are letting off kids all of the time on the other side of BUSY highways and they are crossing these highways without crossing guards. What is wrong with Pinalis County? We have to do something about this because I know first hand about losing a child due to the negligence of these bus drivers. I don't want another parent or grandparent to have to go through what we did four years ago and have to bury a child if it can be avoided. Can you please look into this. Thank You. Grandmother In Shock.
Comment by: anna etheridge, 20-08-2009 : 16:56
my name is anna my mom has eight children. And i wonder if there is anyway you can make this dream come true for my family. I want all my sisters and brother to get something they really wanted.IF I HAD MONEY I WOULD BUT my family is in a recession.FOR MY MOM I WOULD LIKE TO BUY HER A HOUSE FOR ME AND MY SIBLINGS.iF U CAN THAT WILL BE GREAT IF U CAN PLESE CONTACT ME AT THIS NUMBER 251690-6951 I LOVE YOUR SHOW.
Comment by: Marie, Australia, 15-07-2009 : 07:34
I saw your show today about Alcoholism andAddictions, and it mentioned the book"Healing the Addicted Brain by Dr, Urschell (?). Today is 15/7/09 here in Australia. I want to get hold of this book, but don't believe it is available here in Australia. How do I get hold of it, price etc.? I did feel this was a most informative programme, and unfortunately I am not able to record it at the moment, but hope to have the technology to do this soon. Best wishes to you Dr. Phil and your team. - Marie Australia
Comment by: sherrie, 03-07-2009 : 23:59
i love your show. i wish i could come to the show, but i won't be in california until december of this year
Comment by: carmel-archer australia, 31-01-2009 : 11:11
I think that kids and texting, has got beyound a joke,hear in Australia, it has got to the point where it now is causing accidents. PS: I realy like your show and olease will you come to Australia soon.
Comment by: Trudi, 09-01-2009 : 03:42
I have a friend who is very unstable in her life. She has constant mood swings and depression due to a past ex boyfriend who had given her an STD that will forever stay with her. She is constantly reaching out for attention and seeking companionship in the wrong places. She will constantly put other people down just to make herself happier. She needs help. She watches your show a lot and loves hearing other stories similar to her own.
Comment by: Di Lucas, 18-11-2008 : 02:45
Dear Dr. Phil,

I am at present watching a show on lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 in America. I could not believe that one of the university leaders was advocating lowering the age. In Australia the age is 18 and we have a terrible time with children as young as 12 and 13 drinking does he think that this should be allowed? He also made the comment that times have changed and indeed they have young people had more restraints placed on them in his, your and my day when to 'tie one on' did not mean that you drank until you were carried into emergency and have to have your stomach pumped out. we are nowadays being so politically correct that we are removing any restraints that were in place. young people have learn how to behave responsibly before they are allowed to drink alcohol. if they are not able to realise that they have had sufficient to drink at 21 how in the hell are they going to realise it at 18? it has been the accepted practice to always blame 'society' for the ills of the teen years - stop making excuses! if any teenager displays anti-social behaviour he/she must be prepared to accept the consequences and i know this must go against your credo but believe that therapy is the last thing they need - it protects them from the reality of their actions. my personal credo in life is that for every action there is a reaction and a consequence.
Comment by: Liza Leonard, 12-11-2008 : 00:09
I am watching you show about the teenagers making themselves pass out.(It is 11/11/08) People are acting like this is something new. I am 62 years old and I can remember the girls doing this in Jr. High School. They would go to the restroom and then choke themselves until they passed out. Some of them would shake while they were passed out some would get up and do stupid things. I fortunately could not make myself do it. It just didn't seem right. I was only 12 or 13 at the time. Maybe you should check and see how many adults have done this. Think of this it was 1958 or 1959 when I saw it being done.
I am a school bus driver and I live in Streator, Illinois. I have been a school bus driver for 31 years and I have seen the decline of children and young adults through the years. They used to have respect for their superiors and their parents. Now the kids have no respect for anybody or anything even themselves. I could go on and on with how the kids are and I am sure you could too. Thank you for listening hope this is helpful and shed something on the subject.
Thank you again for your great show.
Comment by: heather herwehe, 03-11-2008 : 03:21
watching your show has taught me how to get real and that taught me how to help my husband who is a long time drug addict, I'm no longer an enabler to his problem.And he's alive and we are still together and going strong. I've never even smoked so being with him has been hard, thankyou so very much, god bless.
Comment by: Karla Vidis Waterloo, Iowa, 18-10-2008 : 03:36
Dr. Phil.
I am writing concerning this wonderful girl Nikki Winneberg who was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma a year ago. She has endured the following treatment:So this long journey that was supposed to come to an end after the 10 month protocol which consists of 14 rounds of chemo, 31 radiation treatments, 23 blood transfusions, 11 platelet transfusions, countless fevers, more then 120 days inpatient, countless scans with sedation, 7 surgeries, 2 trips to Texas totaling 6 weeks, hurricane IKE, 15 different medications and enough narcotics to cause withdrawal continues, and with each passing day is turning into a lifetime for Nikki and the entire family.
So this long journey that was supposed to come to an end after the 10 month protocol which consists of 14 rounds of chemo, 31 radiation treatments, 23 blood transfusions, 11 platelet transfusions, countless fevers, more then 120 days inpatient, countless scans with sedation, 7 surgeries, 2 trips to Texas totaling 6 weeks, hurricane IKE, 15 different medications and enough narcotics to cause withdrawal continues, and with each passing day is turning into a lifetime for Nikki and the entire family. I thought if anyone could find some relief for this girls pain you could. She is not even able to spend time with her horse Boomer. Her family is desperately tiring to find relief for her ongoing pain that she endures and only able to be in bed. Please could you help her. Karla Vidis

Comment by: Julieta, 24-08-2008 : 22:39
I would like clarification on the condition of personality disorder. You can help me?
Comment by: Donald Orr, 16-08-2008 : 00:01
Today's August 15/08 show, in memory of Nicole, son trusted with spring break, mother's Rossini song, with your wife's NY Times bestseller book: perhaps the most joyful, best show ever.
Comment by: c costanzo, 12-06-2008 : 23:21
hey dr phil, love the show watch it when i to address"showing poor example" i here thease words on u r a celeb is showing a poor example to there youn viewers. im in my 40s and never had anyone on tv, in magazines etc that i so looked up to to "set a example"to. i looked up to my parents, that installed good morals,standards,and examples to mold me as the adult i am, and of couse our lord, where r the parents?
Comment by: queen sara, 11-02-2008 : 03:44
i love your show soooo much i,m from eypt think you you ara think you sun light
Comment by: Arness Mighty, 24-01-2008 : 14:33
Dr.Phil I am overweight and I need you .I really,really need you. I have watched you for a very long time.I have seen what great inspiration you have been in other peolpes lives. Now Im begging you to give me some or maybe just a little help.I just want to be pretty and healthy again. I know now I cant do it all alone.I need you.Im in desperation.I dont have anyone to turn to.You are my last and only help. Thank You . Overweight Florida Girl.
Comment by: Karen Ellis, 17-01-2008 : 18:30
Dear Dr. Phil, I am asking you to go to the web site Bring Camden I was not sure how to e-mail you so please take time to read about the baby that has been taken from his family. If anyone can help this family I know that person is you. Thankyou, Sicerely Karen. (maybe this matter will be over befor you read this, but the way it looks buy reading all the information it goes at least till April and then what? This baby should be with his mom and dad NOW!) Once again Thankyou, Sincerely yours, Karen
Comment by:, 15-01-2008 : 04:17
i saw your show today and was frightened, this is how i grew up. i was afraid to do or not do most anything including eating and talkin, i ate much on the sneak and talked to few, and did horrible in school which led to me quiting at 16, i left home which led to more garbadge. short story is i am 54 now and i live alone, but at times i still here the screaming in my mind, i am being treated for depression for years. i can't tell you how glad i was the see robin join on stage to give that poor kid some comfort. i truly admire what robin said the the parents regarding what she would not allow in the way of hwo your sons could be treated by others. as i was watch my thought was to take the kid out of that home while things are worked on, limited time around his parents . he needs someone to stand by him and tell him he is valuable and worth the effort to help him get his life together. i feel both parents lied about the love and attention he gets, he is their scapegoat for who knows what. i am so concerned for that young man.
Comment by: Gene Gussler, 08-01-2008 : 23:59
I would f irst like to say that I do adore your show and respect you greatly; however, I must say I disagree with you as to the content of the councilwoman's joke. I personlly did not find it funny , I know many people who may. My point is that if you offenend everyone you offend no one. This is the premise for Mel Brooks omedies. He offends everyone thereby, offending no one. I truly believe that in today's socitey that if Dean Martin had picked up Sammy Davis, Jr. and said "I would like to thank the NAACP for this award", that the country would not have laughed but would have been incensed. Paying no attention to the fact that Sammy Davis, Jr., was not only a good friend of Dean Martin, but that he w as also falling apart with laughter at the time. Our society today \has lost their sense of humor. I've often found that by following the money you can find the true purpose of organizations and individuals. Pharmaceutical researchers and corporations are not in the business of finding the cure, but intead finding the ongoing ddrugs to maintain a condition, by doing this they profit, by finding the cure they lose their clients; much the same as organizations and individuals running around pointing the finger at any incident that could be construed as bigoted or racist. Rather than doing the research and finding out the intent of the individual.
Comment by: Lynne Nordquist, 11-09-2007 : 01:42
Enjoyed today's show about teenaged texting. I think the young lady's obsession with texting is far less important than her dreadful driving. Mum should have let her daughter keep the phone. It's the CAR she should take away!

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